PATCHES is a transdisciplinary dance-music collaboration between Gry Bech-Hanssen, Siri Jöntvedt, Gry Kipperberg, Martin Sonderkamp, and Christopher Williams.

15 December 2012

Ira Cornetti (IC): Why “patches”?

Christopher Williams (CW): We are dance artists and musicians from a variety of backgrounds – bits of different cloth, with (mostly) torn edges.
We work with cognitive loops, perceptual filters, and rule-clusters that articulate, connect, and extend our individual and collective mind-bodies, like audio signals through an analog synthesizer patch or a telephone switchboard.
We embrace the roughness of time: when our bicycle tires, jacket elbows, and eye sockets become worn, we index and celebrate them.
Our work is much like that of a gardener… we water, watch, wait, and eventually something grows.

IC: How does the piece look/ feel/ sound?

CW: Glad you asked – check out our trailer!

IC: What binds the project together – is it a theme, an aesthetic, a concept?

CW: All and none of the above? As often happens in the blurring of art and life, our point of departure is getting to know each other. Narratives, techniques, and musical/ choreographic materials of course grow out of this process, but we try not to let them take over. Instead we aim to remain focused on the unformalized sensorial, imaginitive, and interpersonal feedback that comes before works of “dance” and/ or “music”. In other words (as the anthropologist Tim Ingold would say), we are where we go. Stay tuned for more reflections from the road.