Gry Bech-Hanssen


Gry Bech-HanssenGry Bech-Hanssen has worked as a professional dancer in Norway and abroad since 1995. After finishing her education at the National Academy of Dance in Oslo she lived the next four years in Stockholm, working with various companies and choreographers. Since 1998/99 she has lived and worked as a contemporary dancer in Oslo, collaborating mainly with Kreutzerkompani/Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and Dansdesign. She has also worked with Francesco Scavetta, Karen Foss Quiet Works, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Un-Magrit Nordseth, Philippe Blanchard and many others. She is currently working on an adaptation of Deborah Hay’s solo score “Dynamic”. Apart from extensive touring in Norway and Sweden, she has performed in Denmark, Iceland, Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, England and Zimbabwe. Through the years she has received numerous grants and stipends.